About our bakery

Our small Tallinn-based bakery makes pies, cakes and tarts, which can be pre-ordered only. We aim for pure taste and therefore bake everything from scratch, using natural products. We have been active since 2009.

Our selection of pies and pastries is much wider than listed here as we try out something new almost every week. If you cannot find anything suitable, please contact us with your ideas and we are sure to come up with a solution! We also cater for gluten-free.

If you would like to try out baking yourself, our cookbook "Tordid ja koogid nagu ehtsas pagariäris" (also published in Finnish "Kakut ja tortut", Eva Palu) contains recipes for a number of cakes.

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Eva Pärtel
Phone: (+372) 51 04827
E-mail: eva@perenaine.ee

Perenaise Ärid OÜ
Kadaka tee 44
Tallinn 12915

Perenaise Ärid OÜ is a registered food operator
(Estonia's Veterinary and Food Board).