Salted caramel-apple cheesecake

Extremely rich cheesecake with salted caramel, spicy caramel nuts and cinnamon apples. Ingredients: cream cheese, apples, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, hazelnuts, nutmeg, ginger, cream, butter, salt flakes, biscuits (wheat flour, whole wheat flour, butter, cinnamon, honey, brown sugar).

New York cheesecake

The world-famous classic is luxoriously high and creamy with juicy berry topping. Ingredients: cream cheese, eggs, sugar, butter, lemon, cherries, cream, sour cream, biscuits (wheat flour, whole wheat flour, butter, cinnamon, honey, brown sugar).

Lemon cheesecake with meringue

The cheesecake's filling has a strong lemon taste and it is topped with rich and fluffy meringue. Ingredients: cream cheese, lemon, eggs, sugar, passionfruit, butter, biscuits (wheat flour, whole wheat flour, butter, cinnamon, honey, brown sugar).

Passionfruit cheesecake

Cake with silky cream cheese filling and refreshing vitamin-rich passionfruit cream, layered by airy white chocolate mousse. Ingredients: passionfruit, cream cheese, eggs, sugar, cream, white chocolate, biscuits (wheat flour, whole wheat flour, butter, cinnamon, honey, brown sugar).

Peppermint-chocolate cheesecake

Creamy cheesecake with cooling peppermint and dark chocolate chips. Ingredients: cream cheese, eggs, peppermint, sugar, cream, dark chocolate, biscuits (wheat flour, wholemeal wheat flour, butter, cinnamon, honey, brown sugar).

Gluten-free cakes

Gluten free cakes. We make Brita cake, white chocolate cake, zephyr cake, all cheesecakes etc without wheat flour if required. Ingredients: as required.

Pistachio-raspberry cottage cheese cake

Cottage cheese cake with pistachio-raspberry filling on the crunchy shortcrust pastry, surrounded by marzipan basket. Ingredients: pistachios, cottage cheese, sugar, cream, wheat flour, cranberry puree, butter, almond marzipan, vanilla paste, baking powder, cornstarch, gelatine.

Rich chocolate cake with cherries

Japanese spring inspired chocolate cake with two different chocolate mousses and flavoured with cherries. In this cake, a special bean-to-bar 70% Costa Rica dark chocolate from Chocokoo is used. Ingredients: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sour cherries, eggs, sugar, butter, wheat flour, cocoa powder, cream, honey, Morello cherry puree, soy sauce, baking powder, natural food color.

Cottage cheese cake with raspberries

Estonian-style cottage cheese cake with farm cottage cheese, raspberries and coconut. Ingredients: cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, sour cream, raspberries, coconut flakes, wheat flour, butter.

Brita cake

Famous Scandinavian classic with raspberry-cream filling and crunchy meringue top. Ingredients: eggs, butter, wheat flour, sugar, raspberries, almond flakes, cream.

Soft meringue cake

Sponge cake with a soft meringue topping, another Estonian classic. Ingredients: eggs, sugar, cream, raspberries, banana, wheat flour, butter, citric acid, white chocolate, baking powder.

Carrot cake with spicy hazelnuts

Gorgeous 3-layer carrot cake with hazelnuts and rich cream cheese cream, decorated with spicy caramel nut crunch. Ingredients: carrots, wheat flour, eggs, sugar, raisins, hazelnuts, coconut flakes, cream cheese, oil, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, baking powder.

Matcha tiramisu

Tiramisu for matcha (green tea powder from Japan) friends. Biscuits are also home-made. Ingredients: matcha, mascarpone, cream, sugar, raspberries, biscuits (eggs, wheat flour, potato starch, sugar), white chocolate.

Pavlova with various toppings

Pavlova with various toppings. Ingredients: egg whites, sugar, white wine vinegar, cornstarch, toppings.